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We Like it sticky, wacky, happy, and sweet. And that's exactly what we want to make for you, on a stick, in a cone, or in a cup, colourful, chirpy, and easy to go. Our family says hello!

Choose from our menu and drop by for a try, or place your personal order for delivery.

Our Cotton Candy Sticks

They look like out of this world, and we want them straight into our bellies. Our trademark cotton candy comes in three flavours and two sizes: big and superduperbig. Customize it to your liking!

Our Brown Sugar Cotton Candy

Now we are serving our signature candy with a special kick from the caramelly flavour of brown sugar. Is it better than white? You decide!

Our Soft Serve Creations

You design, we tailor: choose a colourfully decorated cone and your favourite cotton candy to complement our vanilla and ocean ice cream.

Our Cotton Candy Cereal Milk

In our eyes one of the most adorable food trends of the 2020's, created by childhood memories. Our homemade cocoa chip, honey puff and froot loop cereal milk is topped with a crown of our trademark cotton candy.

Our Cotton Candy Popcorn

Made fresh in our candy lab, our chocolate-coated colourful cotton candy popcorn raises the bar - in visuals and taste.

Our Cotton Candy Cups

Colourful, longer-lasting, and great for takeaway, you can have our cups in all colours of the rainbow. Reach out to us for café-use customized cotton candy cups.

Order our Candy for Delivery!

Reach out to us for order-made cotton candy and popcorn cups, and our candy team will prepare your personal sweets.

cotton candy cups
brown sugar cotton candy cups
popcorn cotton candy cups