The Tokyo Candy Factory Franchise Package

Run Your Own Cotton Candy Store

With its fluffy, colourful, and wacky appearance, it is a true eye-catcher that is unique and guaranteed to attract lots of attention – and you can make it in your shop, on the street, in your garden, or in your living room. Tokyo Candy Factory’s cotton candy is a child’s dream and brings out the kid in every adult, revamping the classic fun fair nostalgia into a food trend with viral quality. In our mission to send it around the world, we have designed an exclusive one-of-a-kind franchise package that will let you make your own cotton candy – anytime, anywhere you like. And while it is extraordinary and remarkably versatile, it is one thing most of all: a whole lot of fun!


Good news: You will be able to prepare various shapes of cotton candy and train your own team the same way, and you will be surprised how quickly you will have mastered the skill of cotton candy-making. In exclusive step-by-step tutorial videos only accessible for franchise holders, you will be taken from the mise en place to the finished product and introduced to the secrets of creating various adorable and impressive designs. On the franchisee platform, you will be able to learn new shapes or find ideas in cotton candy-inspired recipes and meal ideas.


With the Tokyo Candy Factory Franchise Package you’re all set and good to go: We will start you up with two cute pink machines, a trolley, preparation equipment and ingredients, and elementary promotion and branding material. You will get exclusive access to the franchisee page where you will be able to order new supplies, browse recipes and photos, or watch tutorial videos at any time.


Watching how cotton candy is made is an experience for kids and adults alike, and both the preparation and the finished candy make for beautiful photos (and social media material). With this in mind, we have designed the equipment set for you to be able to basically run your cotton candy shop anywhere you like. Whether you want to do on-site catering at events, open a pop-up store, or enhance your business with cotton candy-based dishes, everything is possible. The setup is simple and fast and requires nothing more than an ordinary power socket.

The Package

  • two Tokyo Candy Factory cotton candy machines
  • one cart
  • 3.000 cotton candy sticks
  • 60kg of homemade coloured and flavoured cotton candy sugar of your choice
  • customizable menu signboard
  • 5.000 logo stickers
  • exclusive access to step-by-step tutorial videos on preparation, design, and creative ideas
  • membership on the Tokyo Candy Factory franchisee platform with access to the online shop for supplies, photos, recipes, ideas, and news

USD 5,000 / RM 20,000