Cotton Candy Catering

Nostalgic to some, magical to others, our cotton candy is a crowd-puller. Watching the cute and colourful shapes form out of nowhere is guaranteed to attract a lot of attention, and we bring that to you!

Cotton Candy to your Doorstep

Whether you would like a unique addition to your private event, or you are an entrepreneur looking to promote your business and generate social media postings, we will be happy to join you at your location.

We have designed two catering models to suit your needs:

Free Flow Cotton Candy

We come to your birthday, wedding, get-together, or any other event, serving you and your guests free‑flow giant rainbow cotton candy. You can choose between a 3-hour option and an all-day option (up to 9 hours). Please reach out to us for pricing details and further information!

Cotton Candy Pop-Up Store

We set up our Tokyo Candy Factory Pop-Up Store at your venue and serve our signature cotton candy, passing to you a part of the profit generated at your location. Our Pop-Up Store is free of charge for you.

Get That Candy!